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Finance Division

Our Services...


Road Map to Success...

Whether you are starting out or have been in business we provide consulting to fit your needs:

  1. Start-up companies:
    1. Business Plans
    2. Accounting Software Set-up
    3. Policies and Procedures
  2. Established companies:
    1. Policies and Procedures
    2. Compliance and non-compliance audits
    3. Reconciliations
    4. Accounting/Finance restructuring
    5. Internal Controls


Knowledge Base...

The Consultant will provide a training session to all relevant employees based on any changes made to your accounting/finance model. We will provide the business owners with the necessary tools to analyze and interpret financial reports and assistance with internal control segregation of duties resolution.


Compliance and Control...

We conduct internal audits as part of the consulting to identify any areas of risks and opportunities, also perform compliance and non-compliance audits and internal fraud investigations.


Offsite (cost savings)...

We do not have to be at your site to assist you. Once you are signed up for our services, you can contact us with any financial or accounting questions. Remember our support team has over 60 years of combined experience in all aspects of accounting, finance, and auditing.



For small to medium size companies, we have packages based on you accounting software where we become your remote accounting department reducing your overheads.

Most of our support team is fully bi-lingual and has international experience, all have worked in the different areas of accounting and finance and have held Controller, Director, Manager and Vice President roles in multi-national private and public corporations.

We will be glad to meet with you – no strings attached.